Facts about dogs

14 Interesting Facts About Dogs You Need To Know

Did you know that the first mammal to orbit the Earth (in the year 1957) was a Russian stray dog called Laika? Or that about 30% of Dalmatians suffer from deafness in at least one ear? If you
didn’t, here are other unknown and interesting facts about dogs to make your day:

Dogs Can Recognize More Than 250 Words

Our dogs are very smart. Experts say that their intelligence level can be compared to that of a two-year-old child. Most dogs can count 1 up to 5, complete simple mathematical equations, and recognize more than 250 words.
There’s nothing to worry about if yours cannot recognize these many words. He’ll get there someday, so just be patient. Who knows, maybe he might even outdo the current world’s smartest dog,
Chaser the Border Collie, who knows more than 1000 words.

Dogs Can Hear Sounds 4 Times Better Than Humans

Dogs have double the number of ear muscles humans have. Because of this, they are capable of hearing sounds 4 times better than us. If you’ve been wondering why they like tilting their heads, it’s
because it helps them hear distant sounds better.

Dogs Can Tell When You’re Lying

Our dogs are very smart as I said earlier. They can tell when you’re telling the truth and when you’re lying. If yours doesn’t trust you, maybe it’s because you’ve been lying to him lately.

Dogs Snore More Than Cats

It’s estimated that 21% of dogs snore. On the other hand, only 7% of cats snore.

Stress Can Cause Early Greying In Dogs

Stress affects dogs negatively just like it affects us. It can make your beloved pooch go grey early. For this reason, you shouldn’t put your dog in stressful situations.

They Can Smell Better Than Us Too

Dogs can smell better than human beings. I guess you know this already. But did you know that they can smell approximately 1000 times better than us?

About 35 Dog Breeds Have Spotted Tongues

I’m sure you’ve heard that dogs with dark-spotted tongues are partly Chow. I have heard this too, but it’s not true. According to different studies, more than 35 dog breeds are prone to having dark spots in their tongues.

Dogs Can Detect Cancer and Epileptic Seizures

A recent research found that dogs can help detect prostate cancer with up to 98% accuracy. Some dogs are also capable of detecting epileptic seizures.

Greyhounds Are The Fastest Dogs On Earth

Greyhounds can run up to 45 MPH. Because of this, they are considered to be the fastest dogs on Earth.

Dogs Can See Better Than Us At Night

Behind your dog’s retina, there’s an additional light reflecting layer which enables him to see better in low light.
This gives dogs a better night vision than humans.

The Longest Living Dog Lived For 29 Years

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An Australian cattle dog by the name, Bluey, is the longest living dog in history. He lived for 29 years and 5 months, according to Guinness World records.

Nitrogen In Dog Urine Kills Grass

If the grass on your well-manicured lawn has been dying lately, there are high chances that your dog could be peeing on them. The high nitrogen levels in a dog’s urine kill grass, faster than anything you can imagine.

A Dog’s Urine Tells A Lot About Him

The scent of your dog’s urine, says so much about him to other dogs. From the smell of the urine, other dogs can know your dog’s mood, age, and even sex.

Dogs Dream Just Like Humans

If you thought only humans dream, then think again. It turns out that dogs dream too. If you’ve caught yours barking or twitching sleeping, there’s a high chance that he was dreaming.

I hope you learnt a few things you didn’t know about dogs.

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